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Waklert is the product name for Armodafinil, the popular alertness booster. It’s the most recent formulation of Modafinil, an analeptic medicine available as Modavigil, Modalert, Provigil and Alertec. Waklert is produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals industries. The chief discrepancy between Modafinil and Armodafinil is that the latter is a single R isomer medication whereas the former contains the active ingredient in both S and R isomer forms. Due to this property, Nuvigil is recommended as the cleaner version with a more predictable activity. The S isomer in fact has limited or no activity and is therefore superfluous, especially as it’s responsible for the usual adverse effects which some people encounter when taking Modafinil. As such, manufacturers are justified in describing Nuvigil as a healthier improvement on the original drug.


Here are four more important differences between the two substances:

  • Waklert is stronger and so demands a smaller effective dose.
  • Waklert last longer in the body; usually around fifteen hours which is three more than Modalert’s average half-life.

  • Modalert is not chemically addictive whereas patient reports suggest Waklert has the potential to become habitual.

  • Isolated patient reports indicate that switching from Modalert to Waklert produces a noticeably different experience. Mental stimulants have complex interactions with varying individual neurochemical compositions, so an entirely analogous effect should not be expected. Waklert was initially formulated as an alertness booster for patients suffering from inappropriate sleepiness. It is prescribed for sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It is also used by those with shifted sleep cycles, such as shift workers who require improved wakefulness while on duty. While it was not firmly established during initial clinical testing, it seems clear that Armodafinil is of benefit to sufferers of Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADD / ADHD) as well as schizophrenia and depression. The American FDA has thus far withheld approval for its use as a jet lag treatment, although many authoritative sources recommend it for this purpose.A factor leading to Waklert’s widespread usage is the palpable increase in vigor which the drug delivers, without any of the common adverse effects of competing stimulants. The subjective user experience differs from more commonplace stimulants, like coffee, in that it feels more organic; users report feeling “awake” or “refreshed.” These stimulatory effects are long-lasting and supportive of concentration, leading to greater productivity. Most users never report unwanted effects common to other stimulants, such as anxious feelings, hyperactivity, twitchiness or blood pressure alterations. Another reason of increasing popularity is waklert price. Anyone can buy Waklert for around 1-2$/pill and it is far cheaper than another armodafinil brands

    A number of research scientists believe that Waklert affects the mind’s perception and / or signaling of fatigue sensations. If true, this represents a major medical advancement in terms of re-conditioning the brain’s handling of its inbuilt functions, as opposed to the chemical re-distribution of sleep-cycle hormones. Armodafinil does not hinder regular circadian cycles, meaning it’s a perfect drug for those with disordered sleep. While taking Armodafinil, one is capable of both waking up and entering sleep at the accustomed hours. This fact sets Armodafinil apart from other nootropics such as Modafinil, which is known to sometimes produce insomnia if not taken early in the day. 

    The standard prescribed dosage of Waklert is a single 150mg. tablet daily. The drug will be active for around fifteen hours, or nearly a full waking day. Additional doses are therefore unnecessary barring exceptional circumstances which require prolonged wakefulness.

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    Clinical testing of Waklert concluded successfully without any reported cases of overdose. That said, anecdotal evidence of overdose does exist. A particular case saw a female patient suffering from fibromyalgia using Modalert-branded Modafinil to alleviate diurnal drowsiness. Modafinil was effective in keeping her alert during the day but she also experienced queasiness and headaches. After alternating to Waklert, these symptoms subsided but she then reported feeling lethargic. To counteract the lethargy, the patient consumed a vastly excessive dosage (ten times her prescribed single 150mg. tablet). She reported experiencing the following complaints:

    My heartbeat was accelerated and my hands shook. I avoided speaking with colleagues as I had difficulty finding words. I felt sluggish and had a minor headache. My concentration wandered. I had tender joints and pains in my neck and back. I felt physically tired but mentally alert.”

    The counter-agent to an overdose of Waklert is unknown. Any such OD absolutely requires professional medical attention. Ten pills is certainly a risky dose which no doctor would endorse, never take such an excess quantity. A single 150mg. tablet should suffice in most cases and the majority of doctors warn against exceeding this amount. Higher dosages bring heightened chances and severity of side-effects and reduce the drug’s overall safety.


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