Waklert vs nuvigil

Armodafinil generics may be marketed as Nuvigil and also as Armod or Waklert. These products are not approved for sale within the USA at this time. The reason for this is that Cephalon Inc.’s Armodafinil patent is still in effect. It is therefore improbable that any such generics will be legally available for purchase in America before 2016, when Cephalon’s patent will probably expire. We say “probably” as the courts may well extend Cephalon’s patent rights. The courts may also disallow competing generics.

The present situation is similar to what happened previously, when Modafinil (aka Provigil) was scheduled to become generic around the time of its patent expiration. Cephalon, which also manufactures Modafinil, was able to secure a court restriction against any generic competitors. This legally-enforced monopoly allowed Cephalon to push back the release of generic Provigil competitors by a number of years.

This intense competition around patent expiration is in fact what gave rise to the creation of Waklert. Cephalon’s research team found out that Armodafinil produced near-identical effects to Modafinil but at a lighter dose. This was great news for the company as Armodafinil was sufficiently distinct chemically that they could apply for a fresh patent on it, just as Modafinil’s patent was expiring. What do we see if we set Waklert vs Nuvigil safety.  It is only slightly better than its predecessor but this was enough for the majority of doctors to begin recommending it over Modafinil, or its generics. All this history suggests that Cephalon will do whatever it takes to keep its American market locked down. As such, those seeking Armodafinil generics have little choice but to order it from abroad via online pharmacies.

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