Waklert vs Modalert

Modafinil is a well-known drug, as is its generic version, Provigil. Chemists in France invented these substances in the 70’s for the treatment of narcoleptics. The medication proved to be highly successful. The patent expired after a decade so the same group brought out an improved, patentable version, classed as an enantiopure. Some years after SunPharmaceutical launched Modalert, another generic version of Provigil and later Waklert appeared. If we compare Waklert vs Modalert we will find significant difference between them.

An enantiopure has the normally-conjoined isomer couplets split apart. These bonded isomers are very similar and constructed from the same atoms, according to nearly identical molecular patterns. The French team created a new substance by isolating a single isomer. This isolation process has the added benefit of creating a cleaner, more essential drug.

Waklert can therefore be considered a cleaner, more pure form of regular Modalert, with which you may be familiar.. Another benefit of this process is that Waklert is more potent. Therefore a lighter dosage will achieve the same effects as a heavier Modalert dosage. Yet another advantage of enantiopures is that they seem to produce fewer side effects. If we estimate Waklert vs Modalert, within a price scale, we will find Waklert is more expensive than Modalert.

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